Madhumita mantri

An engineer at heart with a great customer focus, great collaborator, love to dream big and get stuff done! My background in data analytics, AI, data science, CRM, technical architecture and exposure to product launches helps me to build products that matter.

Launched anomaly detection platform for business metrics monitoring & drove growth of the platform. Launched data/AI products to unlock data potentials for data consumers & producers to make them productive in decision making. Launched MVP for life cycle management, search discovery of data assets to govern & manage inconsistencies across data products. Launched Sales intelligence platform, products & solutions for driving sales productivity & revenue margin.

Passion: I’m passionate about problem solving, product innovation, solution architecture, strategy to execution, coaching, mentoring and public speaking.

I am good at:

Listening to user voice, understanding user needs, business & technology trends to form hypothesis using data. Bringing ideas to life by building a vision around customer needs, rallying the organization behind it, and finding a path to value.
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I started my career in BI development, CRM tech driving sales, BI productivity & revenue margin. Wore several hats through out the journey and delivered products & large scale integrations. Learnt about art & science behind product management. Transformed my career to TPM role in data R&D. I’m focused on defining the path from raw data to meaningful insights & enabling engineering talent to build it. I’m passionate about generating ideas with impact & looking forward to my “future me” defining the “why” & the “what” for building data platforms & products.”

My superpowers: Technical Competency, Business Acumen, Solution Architecture, Leadership (Influence without authority), Strategy to execution.

My passion range from innovation, creativity, product management, CRM, solution architecture, Data platforms & products, Artificial Intelligence (applied science), Sales intelligence, In-product experience, business development, knowledge graph, Q&A Bots, API management, blog writing, public speaking & coaching.

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